Operating System Windows

My Jump to a Windows Phone

A couple of weeks ago I decided that it was time to advance to the modern era, and migrate from the trusty old flip phone I’d been using for years to a modern smartphone. Thus, the all-important question came up: what phone should I get? Nowadays there is a vast array of smartphone options for me to choose from. I could get an iPhone, a phone that seemingly everyone around me had. I could get an Android phone, whether it was a Sony Xperia, a Google Nexus, a Samsung Galaxy, or any one of the other infinite amount of Android devices. Most people could pick from one of those two categories, an iPhone or an Android phone, and be completely satisfied.

I looked a bit further.


Blue Glow of Information – Electronic Textbooks

The Spring semester is right around the corner, and yet again, it’s time to get textbooks for your classes. Before purchasing your textbooks, consider purchasing electronic textbooks instead due to their advantages over their physical counterparts. Since these ebooks hold the same content as physical textbooks along with a few extra features, there are advantages, but similarly, there are disadvantages.