Operating System

Android File Managers


If you have a droid and have needed to move or edit files on it, you know that this is one of the things droid does not do well. Fortunately, as with most other parts of droid that need improving, there’s an app for that! Several dozen to be precise, but I’ve picked a couple of the most popular to address in this post.

ES File Explorer File Manager

Easily the most popular option, it has almost any feature you could possibly be looking for and probably more. It can do everything with files (delete, move, copy, rename, etc.) in addition to supporting ftp servers, google drive, moving files over bluetooth, zip files, and others. The longevity of this app means it has absorbed many functions of a task manager as well, being able to control your applications. You can kill background processes, uninstall programs, and clear caches to free up space. It can take some time to find all of the features but the app is stable, looks good, and best of all is completely free.


This app doesn’t have quite the extensive toolbox that ES File Explorer File Manager has, but it does have some cool new options. Wireless file management is the main feature, with the ability to upload and download files off of your droid without needing to connect it to your computer with a USB cable. In the trend of file managers that can do so much more, you can also send and receive your phone’s text through your computer. If you don’t want to deal with checking your phone while you’re working on your computer or like the speed of using a full size keyboard, this app lets you get that iMessage function. The base version is free with ads, with the full version allowing more file transfers, more remote controls (camera, calls, etc.), and transfer of larger files.

Root Browser

Look no further if you want a barebones file manager that works well in rooted phones. Obviously for the more technically inclined droid owner with its ability to work well with all of the system files you may want to be tweaking. Adding files/folders and installing zip files to any directory are the main functions with help installing applications and customizations added as well.