Operating System

I’m Thankful for Old Thinkpads!

I just worked on a client’s ancient Thinkpad, and as I was carrying out this crazy mission to clear as many infections as possible, I couldn’t help my gushing over this beautiful machine.

It had Windows XP, bless this guy’s heart.  After a full format to Windows 7, and once it’s virus free and workable…mmmhm.  Perfecto.

I’ll admit I have this sneaking suspicion that computers aren’t being made as well as time goes on.  It’s just a feeling.  Of course people like to upgrade to newer machines so they do, but I’ve yet to see an old Thinkpad like that completely die from natural causes.

This machine still had the keyboard light, you know that light at the top of the screen.  My keyboard doesn’t light up, I mean, I’d dig one of those lights myself.  Or if I’m reading – it can be a multipurpose light.

And the fingerprint log-in thing is pretty boss, I mean if you’re a regular of that gadget you might as well be James Bond.

It’s a very creative, well built, sensible and well thought-out machine in my book.  It’s reliable, to the point, has cool gadgets like the fingerprint thing that can be useful, but also don’t get in your way if you don’t need them.  I guess I’m partial to the oldies but goodies.

Happy Turkey Day.