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Save Time with Ninite!

Today, the Help Center student consultants would like to suggest a time-saving tip for the next time you install, re-install, or begin using your Linux or Windows operating system: Ninite by installing and updating all your applications at once.

Ninite is run by a small team who receive a commission from certain applications for their installation, but it is entirely free to use for personal use.  The time-saving benefits are many:

  • Automatically disallows the installation of potentially unwanted toolbars and adware
  • Automatically installs and sets-up without repetitive reboots
  • Silently installs the latest, most up-to-date version of the applications you’ve selected
  • One download and one install for multiple applications
  • Verify Digital Signatures while obtaining applications from the manufacturers’ websites
  • Install in the language you are currently running

Ninite's Windows Options

You can even use Ninite to update your out-of-date applications when they’re already installed.

Once you’ve selected the programs you want, click “Get Installer” and it downloads automatically and runs in the background, with a minimal progress bar letting you know how things are going. For more information and reviews, check out PC World’s: Migrate to Windows 7–Slowly, Part 4: Installing Your Apps, LifeHackers’s Ninite Bulk-Installs Great Free Windows Apps, and How-To Geek’s Ninite Makes Installing Software Incredibly Simple.