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5 Apps Every College Student Should Have

Most students on campus have these devices called smart phones, but what makes them so smart? Most people would tell you it’s because they are able to do more than just call and text, you can check Facebook, Twitter, reddit, and watch all the cat videos you want from a device that fits conveniently in your pocket. These phones have other features too, and some of them could help make your college career a more enjoyable experience.

#1 MyHomework

MyHomework is a calendar app that allows you to keep track of class schedules and assignments and due dates. What makes MyHomework essential is the ability to create assignments under the category of specific courses, and set up due dates and reminders for each assignment. While every student on campus has access to Google Calendar via their OIT apps account, too, MyHomework is specifically designed to help keep track of assignments, not just events. If you are looking to just manage your weekly schedule check out Google calendar, which is provided through your OIT apps account.  MyHomework is available for both iOS and Android devices, and best of all, it’s free!

#2 Google Maps

Google Maps is an important companion to any student, especially those who are not from the Amherst area. Not only can it show you a map of where you are and your destination, but you can also search for general categories such as restaurants, or stores to find places near you. Perhaps the most important feature of Google Maps is that it can also give directions to your destination using bus routes. This way you will know what bus to get on, where it gets off, and what time you need to be at the bus stop to get home. This makes Google Maps an important companion for anyone who frequently makes off campus trips. However, if the extent of your travel is within the boundaries of campus then check out which has a campus map as well as a building finder to help you find your way around campus. Google Maps is available for iOS and Android and is 100% free.

#3 MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal is a user friendly health based app. This app allows you to track the amount of calories that you eat, as well as the number of calories you burn doing exercise. The most convenient feature of this app is the ability to add foods via scanning the barcode located on the package. MyFitnessPal will also allow you to set goals and will calculate the number of calories you should get per day based on these goals. So whether you are trying to keep off the freshman 15 or you’re trying to bulk up, MyFitnessPal can help you reach these goals. As with the other apps mentioned so far MyFitnessPal is available for both iOS and Android and has zero cost.

#4 Find My iPhone (Find My Phone for Android)

College is a time for learning, and part of learning is making mistakes. And some mistakes may include accidentally leaving your phone on your table in the DC and not realizing until 2 hours later. Luckily there’s Find My Phone. Find My Phone allows you to set up an account and register your mobile device to that account. In the event that you ever lose your phone you can access your account online and do all sorts of nifty tricks to try and get your phone back. Among these tricks you can get a map from where you are to where your phone is, change the lock screen background to show a message with a way to contact you, or (if you’ve really given up hope) you can completely wipe your phone. While Find My Phone is not 100% foolproof, it can save you from the cost of replacing your phone if you’re lucky. Find my Phone is free, and is available for both iOS and Android devices.

#5 Smile Alarm (iOS) and Alarm Clock Xtreme (Android)

We’ve all at one point or another overslept because we got to friendly with the snooze button, or we simply turned of the alarm and forgot it ever happened. As a college student, this can sometimes be a problem because you might be missing a class or a shift at work. The purpose of these apps is to force you to wake up. Smile alarm will not turn the alarm off until after you complete a couple of quick brain games. The purpose of these games is to get you thinking and to get your mind active so that you will wake up and make it to class on time. Alarm Clock Xtreme works on a similar concept, but uses math problems instead of games to stimulate your brain. Smile Alarm is available in the app store for a small charge of $1.99, considering it means you’ll miss a lot less class it’s worth it. Alarm Clock Xtreme is available on Google Play for free.

With these 5 apps you can turn your smart phone into something more than just a portable Facebook machine. Using these apps will keep you on your toes where ever you are and help you to be more productive.