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Turkeybytes: Classic Shell

The program that I am most thankful for is Classic Shell. Classic shell replaces the start button on Windows 8 so that instead of taking the user to the metro (blocks) interface of Windows 8, it brings up the traditional start menu of Windows Vista or 7. You may ask why not just use Windows 7 instead of 8? Well, Windows 8 is a much lighter operating system than 7 meaning that it uses less storage space on the hard drive and uses less RAM, or memory. Overall Windows 8 is much faster than Windows 7, but some people have found the metro interface unpleasant to use. Classic shell helps to bridge the gap between the two by giving the faster, lighter Windows 8 with the familiar interface of Windows 7 that many people have become accustomed to.

Classic Shell is so easy to use! It is as simple as downloading the program from the website,, and then its all ready to go. Also, unlike many other programs like these, when you download it, no additional programs like a toolbar are added. It is extremely easy to use and extremely customizable. Here is an example of what the interface looks like:

As you can see it is Windows 8, but instead of taking you to the metro interface when you click the start button it brings up the traditional Windows 7 menu and if you do not enjoy the little shell you can choose any image you want to be your new start button. Hopefully this helpful little program will help you change your mind about Windows 8.

To download this application, go to Classic Shell’s website.

For more information on using Classic Shell, check their Frequently Asked Questions and this review by PC Mag: Classic Shell brings the Start to Windows 8 for Free.