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The 5 Most Important Things to Take Away From OIT’s NSO Presentation

1. How to Connect to the Internet at UMASS

Ideally, this is always going to be a very simple process. First connect to the “UMASS” wifi network and open a browser, on the page that shows up click on the “Connect to Secure1x” button. After that you download and run our xpressconnect setup tool and follow the instructions it gives you.

Then you’re done! Your device should now connect automatically to the faster, more secure UMASS-SECURE1X network automatically with no prompting for login.

If you have any trouble check out this webpage for specific device guides and ways to solve some common problems.

2. Computer Security

All UMASS students get access to McAfee AntiVirus for free. All you have to do is go to this page and download McAfee for your operating system and computer. But before you install, make sure that you do not have any other antiviruses installed as more than one will cause conflicts and usually end up making you less safe than you were to start with.

The two most important things for an antivirus are to make sure it is getting regular updates and performing regular scans. In McAfee it is really easy to schedule both so you don’t even have to think about it. In the Virus Scan console you just have to right click on the item you want to schedule and select properties to schedule the task and view advanced options if you want more control.

For good general knowledge on how to avoid viruses and scams, check out our webpage at which we keep up to date with the latest information on keeping your computer safe.

3. Recommended Computer Configurations

Depending on what you’re looking into, take a look at our page for recommended configurations in Windows or Mac.

Now that you have decided on the type of laptop you’re looking to buy you may still want to know more about the hardware inside to make an informed buying decision. Just follow this link to our laptop buying guide and you should be able to find everything you need.

4. Free Stuff

In addition to a free antivirus, UMASS students also get tons of other free and discounted software.

As a student you can get up to three free copies of any windows operating system. If you’re looking to upgrade a computer from vista, downgrade from 8, or anything else just go to this website and download the image there.

You can go to Microsoft’s website for guides like this one detailing the installation process. If you encounter any problems you can always call OIT for help.

Govconnection is a website that offers discounts on tons of software and other products to  college students. Go to this page to login, then you can browse their online store to find if they have the product you need at a reduced price.

The most popular product on the site for incoming students is the discounted Microsoft Office. This is the academic version of office which is good for installation with a four year subscription to all of the newest Microsoft office services, such as cloud storage for all your documents. With the four year subscription you won’t have to worry about renewing unlike the standard one year subscription with other copies.

Every semester each student gets 100 free black and white prints at printing stations around campus. If your major doesn’t require a lot of papers, you probably won’t even go through that many a semester.

5. Wireless Devices

If you want the best out of your wireless internet here at UMASS you want to leave as many wireless devices at home as possible. Wireless controllers, keyboards, and mice all have an effect on the speeds you, and those around you will experience. Wireless printers are by far the worst however as they broadcast a strong signal causing major disruption to the network. On top of that, they’re almost entirely useless. The wireless capability of the printers won’t even work at UMASS and as mentioned above, each student gets 100 free prints a semester so a printer is just a waste of money and space.


Check out the video below to get all of this from our Youtube channel.