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Four Useful Browser Addons

There are thousands of addons available for use with a wide range of web browsers. We have compiled a list of the top four addons that we think are most worthwhile. From blocking ads to protecting users’ online privacy, these addons are useful and important. We think they will make your browsing experience more enjoyable and more secure.

1. Adblock Plus –


Adblock plus does exactly what it sounds like – it blocks advertisements on the web. It works by maintaining a list of the web addresses of advertisers and then blocking those addresses. Users may choose to subscribe to a variety of block lists, and are able to edit their preferences to allow ads on certain websites if they like. By its default settings, Adblock Plus will block all advertisements, from annoying pop-up videos to tiny text ads on Facebook. Adblock Plus is available for Firefox, Chrome, Opera or Safari.

2. WOT –


WOT, or Web of Trust, alerts users about the safety profiles of the websites they visit. While security software such as McAfee protects users from malware and viruses, it doesn’t cover all online threats such as phishing, scams or otherwise untrustworthy websites. WOT works by crowdsourcing website ratings from a large community of users. These ratings are compiled, and with them WOT decides whether or not a website is trustworthy. After installing WOT, users will see a green circle next to trustworthy Google results, while untrustworthy websites will be marked with yellow or red. These ratings are also available for the website that a user is currently viewing. Get protection from online scams using WOT for Firefox, Chrome, Opera or Safari.

3. Disconnect –


Disconnect protects users from having their search and browsing history tracked by third party websites. As discussed in this article, online tracking of users’ browsing activity is becoming more and more prevalent. Tracking by over 2,000 third party sites should be of great concern to anyone who values their privacy. While various web browsers allow users to alert trackers that theywould prefer not to be tracked, trackers don’t always honor this request. Disconnect solves this problem by blocking trackers entirely, and allowing users to block or unblock specific trackers at their discretion. It preserves users’ privacy and also increases browsing speed by 27%. Escape the creeping eyes of third party web sites and download Disconnect for Firefox, Chrome or Safari.

4. HTTPS Everywhere –

HTTPS Everywhere encrypts users’ web traffic to major websites. This makes web traffic much more secure by using the HTTPS protocol whenever possible. As stated on their website, HTTPS encryption ensures server authentication, data confidentiality and data integrity. Encrypt web activity with HTTPS Everywhere, available for Firefox and Chrome.