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Spring Cleaning

Is your computer running slow? Well, at least that makes it easier to catch. Often a computer can be overloaded with unnecessary system files that can make your computer run slowly. This can cause hours of unnecessary frustration. Users can benefit from running various programs and applications that are designed to get your computer back running like new.

  • CCleaner- this program can be used to clear out any unnecessary files that are just taking up space on your computer. This program will remove temporary internet files, deleted files, and unnecessary registry items. This program is available for download from the distributor’s website.
  • Defragment the Hard Drive– a computer that is running slowly may have a fragmented drive. By defragmenting the hard drive you will ensure that your drive is running at peak efficiency. The process for defragmenting is different depending whether you use a PC or a Mac.
  • Ensuring system security- one possible reason why a computer might be experiencing sub-optimal performance is the presence of malware. Malicious software can slow down your system and barrage you with unwanted popups and services. OIT recommends the combination of McAfee and Malwarebytes to ensure your system is protected. There are instructions on how to install and run McAfee and MalwareBytes from the OIT website.

Running these programs and applications should help improve system performance and speed up your computer.