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UMass Amherst has a new portal for students to use, Go – All the information from UMass that you’d want in one, convenient location. Students can log on with their UMass netID and see the classes that they have in Moodle, athletic news, emergency phone numbers, and more. There are a few choice areas that students might find particularly helpful, all accessible from the Go homepage.


mapThe campus map available on Go is in full color and goes far beyond campus itself. Every UMass building is labeled, as well as apartment complexes, areas of interest, and roads in the surrounding areas.

Want to know what types of sports fields are down near the Mullins Center? No problem, this map has a different image for each different type of field there is. Even elevations are marked off! You can zoom in and see all the pedestrian paths that run through campus, and through some other areas, such as the Amherst College campus.


eventsThe events page is a surprisingly useful tool, drawing in events from around campus as well as academic holidays, important dates for the semester, and workshops around campus.

If you’re looking for something to do on campus, a seminar or lecture on something interesting to attend, when your classes start, or if the campus is going to be closed, this is a great place to see all of that.

Events is a great tool, combining multiple calendars together in a visually pleasing way. Events are easily browsed by title on the left of the page, with the first sentence visible and a small image, and once clicked, the event is expanded into more detail.


libraryThe libraries tab is a really simple and informative page. Essentially, this page lists every library related area on campus and their hours. You may find yourself discovering some areas you didn’t know existed, such as the Music Reserve Lab or the Map Collection. The hour listing is for the current day, which is extremely useful, and you can even see the hours of delivery for the Interlibrary Loan system. Hours are also available for other days if you click on the library you wish to look at.

This page also links to the map, so you can see the location of each area on campus. When you open up details of one library area, for example the Teaching Commons, you can click a button and go straight to the map to view what building it is in and where that building is on campus. In our example, this would be the W.E.B. Du Bois Library.

Another useful link is to the library search, which takes you directly to a page where you can search for books in our local libraries or libraries around the world.


UMass Amherst has many social media accounts: OIT, Housing, Dining Services, Transit Authority, and Baby Berk all have their own twitter and facebook accounts. Not to mention UMass Amherst has an official twitter and facebook as well.

This page is a collective of all of those accounts. You can see whole tweets, and the first
sentence or so of facebook posts. There are also links to take you to the full social media pages for any of the many accounts displayed. This is a fantastic way to condense a lot of information from a lot of different places, and is very helpful for staying in the UMass Amherst loop.


Links – exactly what it sounds like. Here you’ll find links to everything from Moodle to Financial Aid Services to UMass Blogs to PVTA schedules. This is a great location to find your way to any of the services that UMass provides.

Go is available on any mobile device with a web browser and easily accessible from any computer with internet connection. We recommend exploring it and seeing all these features, along with the others not mentioned here.

Go! Go U! Go U Mass! Go UMass!