Operating System Windows

Windows 8 Product Activation

Having trouble activating your new copy of Windows 8? Ensure the following:

  1. You have received and entered the correct Microsoft Activation Key for your copy of Windows (Professional, Enterprise, etc.)
  2. You have not already used this MAK on another computer
  3. Are connected to the Internet

OIT Help Services, through agreements such as the Microsoft Developer’s Network and Microsoft Campus Agreement allows active students, faculty, and staff to obtain free and discounted Microsoft software and operating systems. If you are a student, choose the Microsoft Developer’s Network-MSDNAA software program to obtain up to 3 MAKs and unlimited downloads of Windows 8 Professional. This means that you can only activate 3 copies. If you have already used all 3 keys, then you will need to purchase another from Microsoft. If installing Windows on university-owned machines, there is no limit to the number of installations and activations, just be sure to check the OIT website for more information on obtaining and activating your software through the Microsoft Campus Agreement software program.

If you are unable to change your product key, check out this great Microsoft Support Article: “Change product key” link is not available in Windows 8 or Windows Server 2012.

To obtain your copy and MAK from OIT Help Center, visit the Microsoft Discounts at UMass Amherst page here.