Teaching & Advising


Fall semester

Japanese 120 (Lecture 1: MWF 10:10-11:00, Lecture 2: MWF 11:20-12:05)
Non-Intensive Elementary Japanese II

Japanese 580 (W 2:30-5:15)
Teaching Japanese as a Foreign Language
(for seniors/graduate students)

Japanese 197TK/297TK/397TK/497TK (M 4:00-4:50)
Extensive Reading in Japanese
(for anyone who have studied Hiragana and Katakana before)

Japanese 498T
Tutorial & Practicum
(for exchange students/near native Japanese speakers/seniors)


Spring semester

Japanese 110 (Lecture 1: MWF 10:10-11:00, Lecture 2: MWF 11:20-12:05, Lecture 3 12:20-1:10)
Non-Intensive Elementary Japanese I

Japanese 597F (W 2:30-5:15)
Business Japanese
(for senior/grad students/exchange students)

Japanese 197TK/297TK/397TK/497TK (M 4:00-4:50)
Extensive Reading in Japanese
(for anyone who have studied Hiragana and Katakana before)


Courses taught in the past

Japanese 326
Intensive Intermediate Japanese I

Japanese 497B
Contemporary Japanese I

Japanese 375/593B
Introduction to Japanese Linguistics



M.A. Thesis Chair in Japanese

Sayako Niwa (in progress):

Tomoaki Ito (in progress):

Takuhiro Yamashita (2018):
Grit and Second Language Acquisition: Can Passion and Perseverance Predict Performance in Japanese Language Learning?

David Rubino (2018):
How Students of Japanese Perceive and use Technology

Takumi Nakano (2017):
Japanese Pronoun Adventure: A Japanese Language Learner’s Exploration of his Japanese Gender Pronoun

Kinji Ito (2016):
Recast and Elicitation: The Effectiveness of Corrective Feedback on Japanese Language Learners

Craig Baylis (2015):
Player vs. Language: The Effect of Multiplayer in Gamified Language Learning Environments

Elizabeth Adenegan (2014):
A Look at Extensive Reading in Japanese


M.A. Thesis Committee in Chinese

Jingjing Ao (in progress):
The Acquisition Characteristics of Advanced Level Chinese Heritage Language Learners:A Comparative Analysis Concerning the Aspect Marker le

Baoging Qian (2018):
Studies on L2 Acquisition of Chinese Verbs of “Change” by English Speakers

Mathew Werth (2018):
Role-Play in the Chinese Classroom

Qingli Liu (2014):
Inferring Word-Meaning, Morpheme-Based, and Word-Based Second Language Vocabulary Teaching Methodologies


Ph.D. Dissertation Committee in Education

Shinji Kawamitsu (2018):
Language Learners as Agentive Meaning-Makers: Exploring Learners’ Investment and Meaning-Making

Keiko Konoeda (2015):
Critical Literacy and Identities in World Language Education: Telling Reflective Stories of Digital Storytelling

Tecnam Yoon (2014):
Developing Multimodal Digital Literacy: The Application of Digital Storytelling as a New Avenue for Effective English Learning with EFL Elementary School Students in Korea


Honors College Senior Honors Thesis Chair

Kanako Ichikawa (in progress):

Colby Hamilton (2016):
AnkiQuest: Improving Flashcards with Game Elements

Ayumi Mizuno (2011):
Code-Switching in Japanese and English: A case study with a focus on Japanese sentence-ending discourse particles