Monthly Archives: October 2011

Bartlett EEG lab has arrived

Kevin getting ready to show us some P300s

The good folks over at EGI came by this morning to help us set up the EEG lab in the Phonetics Lab in the basement of Bartlett hall this morning. A bunch of folks got a crash course in the system, and we ran our first participant in a visual oddball paradigm. Kevin very graciously agreed to be the first participant in the new system, and after 10 minutes of data recording, we were able to crunch some EEG data and generate our first ERPs: Kevin showed a robust P300 response to oddball targets in a visual task! Data collection and analysis was a snap, and so we can look forward to lots of interesting data coming out of the Bartlett Basement EEG setup in the near future.

Over the next several days there will be a number of other training sessions on various aspects of stimulus presentation, data collection, and data analysis. Come by the Barlett lab to check it out if you’re interested!