The Balancing Act

The start of the new year and the balancing act begins. We are teachers, but we have other “lives” as well — graduate studies, scholary work, families, etc.

How do we balance all these lives?


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  1. For me, balancing teaching, relationships, commitments, my own school work can be quite a challenge. Furthermore, the difficult part has never been having an organization system, but rather how to give each aspect of my life its fair amount of attention. I think what has been most helpful for me has been first prioritizing things, and then looking for intersections. Prioritizing helps me to not feel bad when I can’t get to something that is lower on the list, but at the same time helps to remind me that even if something is lower on my list its still valuable. Next, looking for intersections between the various aspects of my life allows for me to feel as though “I have killed two birds with one stone.” So for instance, I am rallying friends to go an watch a film that relates to my scholarship, but also will allow for me to spend time with friends both of which are priorities. Finally, be patient and extend grace towards yourself. I have found most of the pressure I experienced was a result of me expecting to do everything perfectly. In short, I have learned to give myself space to mess up, learn and improve.

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