The Story

The seeds for this exhibit were sown when Martha Baker, CNS Associate Dean of Undergraduate Education, taught a Commonwealth Honors College seminar on the topic of women in science. Her students were required to pick a woman in science, research her life and accomplishments, and report to the class. The students then voted on them. The women chosen and the results of the class vote can be found in this spreadsheet. [click to see the results]

This list became the basis for a much larger list of 100 women in science. [click to see the full list] The exhibit space in the ISB atrium is not large enough to showcase 100 women, so the list of 100 was whittled down to 30. [click to see a slide show of the top 30] From this group of 30, we chose the 12 women who are showcased in this exhibit.

There are many, many, many women we could have chosen. Click here or go to the More Stories tab for links to other sites about women in science and on the Books tab for a selected list of books about women in science.