How to manual shim

For the new generation of NMR users who are not familiar with manual shimming:

  1. In Topspin, lock the sample
  2. Type lockdisp to display the lock window.
  3. type bsmsdisp to display the shim window.
  4. In the bsmsdisp window, find the buttons z and z2
  5. Click z. Click Step Size. Change it to 10
  6. Click the + or – button to adjust z value and watch if the lock line is going higher or lower. Adjust z such that lock line goes higher. Do it until the lock line does not go any higher.
  7. Click z2. Change step size to 10. Repeat step 6 for z2.
  8. Click z and repeat step 6.
  9. Repeat steps 6 – 8 until the lock level does not go any higher. you are done.