Running NMR with non-deuterated solvents


It is possible to run NMR experiments with non-deuterated solvents. It will have to be run in an unlocked state. Follow these steps:

  1. rsh
  2. In bsmsdisp window, go to LOCK tab, if the LOCK button is either red or green, click it so that it is white.
  3. Click the SWEEP button so that it is white.
  4. rga
  5. (optional) shim on the FID. Type gs (similar to zg but without accumulating data, used for real time adjustment of various parameters), then adjust z and z2 in bsmsdisp window  to make the FID as long and thick as possible.
  6. zg. If step 5 is not done, the spectrum collected will be of lower resolution as shim is not optimized.