Using Graphic Output on Topspin

Graphic outputs are advantageous over printouts in many respects. They are easier to store and file.  They have higher resolution and are easier to incorporate into papers or reports.

There are two ways to generate graphic outputs in Topspin:

1. In xwp, choose Print and select Print to File.  It will generate a .ps file which is of high resolution and can be easily processed in standard graphic software such as Adobe Illustrator.

2. In main menu, click File and select Export.  you will need to add an extension name to specify the graphic format.  Popular choices are .png and .jpg.  The resolution of these files is not as high as the .ps file generated in xwp.

These files are saved in your home folder (/home/…) rather than the Bruker data file folder (/opt/topspin…).  You will need to delete those files in you home folder frequently since they reside on a small disc partition, which gets full quickly.