Monthly Archives: November 2008

Club U

UPC teamed up with Groove Boston to bring you “Club U”-the last of our Homecoming Week events. The Cage was transformed into a Night Club with a complete club atmosphere including lights, a dance floor, all of today’s hit music, and of course glow sticks.   This event ended up completely SELLING OUT! This was truly a proud moment for all members of UPC and everyone involved in planning this event.  The dance floor was packed for most of the night, and everyone clearly had a fun-filled night!

Thanks to EVERYONE that came out and danced all night with UPC and Groove Boston at Club U!!
Check out Groove Boston at:

U Just Do U Showcase

UPC presented the U, Just Do You Showcase on October 16, 2008 as the second event of Homecoming Week. At this event UMass RSOs showed off their skills for the chance to win a $1,000 donation to the charity of their choice. Prizes were given out to the audience in between acts. Dave from MTV’s Real World Hollywood came as a guest host and DJ Nexus from Virtual Vibes was also there providing music throughout the entire event. The audience was very supportive of all of the acts and seemed to enjoy watching the hidden talents of UMass’ RSOs.

Congratulations to The Dynamics on winning the $1,000 donation for their chosen charity!

And thank you to those in attendance of the event!

U Rock On Concert

UPC kicked off Homecoming Week 2008 on October 15, 2008 with the U Rock On concert in the Student Union Ballroom featuring alumni band Akiva and student band Skullfunked. Both bands played great sets that got the crowd interacting and even got some people up and dancing. The energy of both the bands and the crowd was enough to get anyone dancing along and having fun.

Check the bands out at:

Thanks to everyone who came out and rocked on with UPC!

Student Union Shutdown Fall 2008

On the first Friday back at UMass UPC took over the Student Union and hosted the Student Union Shutdown. As always, this event was FREE. Free food, free novelty items, free billiards, free games, free fun!! The Hatch was turned into a Coffeehouse where coffee was served while UMass’ finest showed off their talents in music, poetry, and more. The library lawn became our very own Drive-In theater where Indiana Jones was shown. Human bowling, the bungee run, and Dance Dance Revolution were huge hits, but the most popular of activities was karaoke! No one was afraid to show off their singing talents, or lack there of, and everyone sang and danced along.

Thanks to everyone that came out to the Shutdown! We hope you enjoyed yourselves as much as UPC did.

And to those that missed this event, make sure to keep an eye out for when UPC takes over the Student Union again!