About Us

Ever wondered how Spring Concert comes to life? Who plans the Late Night Movies? Organizes the Battle of the Bands?

We are UPC! The University of Massachusetts’ own University Programming Council, bringing you a wide variety of your favorite music, movies, theater, speakers, special events, novelty acts, and other amazing performances. As an Agency on campus committed to providing the very finest in entertainment to UMass, we are always accepting new membership to broaden our growing spectrum of artistic individuals to book the best productions and events possible. UPC is entertainment you can trust! We listen to you, our fellow students, and hope to make this year ’12-’13 an enriching and enjoyable one for us and more importantly, for you.

So when we ask if you are down with UPC, come to our events! If you are interested in joining, stop by our weekly meetings Tuesdays at 7pm in the Cape Cod Lounge of the Student Union. For any questions about events, suggestions, or anything else, please email umass.upc@gmail.com. Don’t forget to check our website and Facebook frequently for upcoming events!