Organizing Your Portfolio Assessments

In your Tk20 account, your list of assessments in “Portfolio Assessments” may be lengthy and difficult to navigate. If so, you may organize your assessments into folders. The way in which you organize your assessments is up to you, but many do so by semester, naming a folder “Spring 2011” for example. Provided below are instructions regarding this process.

1) Log on to Tk20:
2) Click on the “Portfolios” tab.
3) Click on “Portfolio Assessments” on the left-hand side-bar.
4) To add a folder, click “Edit Folders” on the left-hand side-bar.
5) Click the icon that says “add new.”
6) Type in the name of the folder.
7) Click “Save. ”
8) Click “Browse” on the left-hand side-bar to return to your Portfolio Assessments.
9) Check the items you want to move into a folder.
10) Select the folder that you wish to move the items to from the drop-down menu that says “Move to Folder:”
11) The items have now been moved into the folder. Access the folder by clicking on it on the left-hand side-bar.