Sweet Honey in the Rock


Saturday, November 1, 8 p.m., Fine Arts Center Concert Hall

The power of this a cappella ensemble of African-American women transcends all the technologically enhanced music of the day. They seamlessly blend lyrics, spirited movement, and stirring narrative interpreted in American Sign Language. Since its founding in 1973, Sweet Honey in the Rock has performed around the world, raising their voices in hope, love, justice, peace, and resistance. Sweet Honey invites its audiences to open their minds and hearts and think about who we are and how we interact with our fellow creatures on this planet.

Read Christopher Benning’s comments on Saturday’s performance:  “Last Saturday’s performance by Sweet Honey in the Rock was a rocking and rolling event glowing with “positivity.”  The Fine Arts Center was filled to the rafters, literally, and I felt proud to be part of such an enthusiastic display of community.  But, what does Sweet Honey in the Rock have to do with the theme of this year’s Feinberg Lecture Series: Measuring the Value of Human Life? 

The wide-ranging, interdisciplinary approach of this year’s program is impressive.  “Measuring the value of human life” is, after all, hardly a straightforward proposition.  The events range from panel discussions on “Martyrdom and Sacrifice in Ancient Worlds” and “Unnatural Selection: Eugenics, Race, and Ideas of Biological Value” to Thursday film screenings, featuring the likes of Gattaca and Traces of the Trade, which are opportunities to think synthetically, to build new connections, and to develop insights into life’s difficult questions.  Sweet Honey in the Rock was just such an event: an opportunity to think synthetically about what Sweet Honey’s life affirming message, shared in an enthusiastic communal atmosphere, has to do with what we value individually and collectively.  Tuesday’s impending election only added to the Concert Hall’s energy and the sense of possibility.” READ MORE

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