Forty Acres and a Mule in the 21st Century

10_williamdarity.jpgMonday, November 17, 4 p.m., The Commons, 2nd floor,
Studio Arts Building

Co-sponsored by the W. E. B. Du Bois Department of
Afro-American Studies, UMass Amherst

WILLIAM DARITY JR., Arts & Sciences Professor of Public Policy Studies, Professor of African and African-American Studies and Economics, Duke University

Read Michael King’s comments on the William Darity talk: “Long has the United States collectively scoffed at the idea of financial compensation as a form of reparation for slavery. But Professor William Darity, Jr., a professor of African-American Studies and Economics at Duke University, believes that reparations should take a different form. In his recent Feinberg Series lecture “Forty Acres and a Mule in the 21st century,” Darity argued that the federal government has the obligation to issue a formal apology for slavery and make a legitimate effort to mitigate its long-term consequences.”  Read More!

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