Monthly Archives: December 2008

Fall Semester Winding Down

The Fall semester is winding down as everyone scrambles to administer final exams and grade projects and papers. The Instructional Media Lab is keeping busy with a seemingly endless flurry of questions about grading in SPARK and Excel.


Our busy January workshop season is near at hand so updates to this blog may drop off some, but stay tuned to hear about some exciting projects we’ve worked on this semester. Instructors have been doing some great things this Fall with Digital Storytelling, innovative uses of PRS, building wiki with students, recording video in class with Flip cameras, and sharing links with students via Delicious.

Be well!


Fall 2008 SPARK Final Numbers

spark-help.gifSPARK popularity continues to expand at a staggering rate. Our system administrator just finished putting together final statistics about this semester:

Number of SPARK courses: 1227
Number of instructors in SPARK:  845
Departments and programs represented: 89
Number of students in SPARK:  21,348
Number of student “seats”:  66,614  (the average student has SPARK for several courses)
Largest course in SPARK:  799 students