Amilcar Shabazz II is the founder of CollaboBeatworx, a dynamic form of arts practice that encourages cultural democracy by engaging with people and communities to make exceptional art, especially music, film, video, and public art like murals & sculpture. 

Amilcar began this work as a member of the Youth Action Coalition, studying at Hampshire College with metal artist Kamil Peters. He also studied with Wendy Ewald when she was a visiting artist-in-residence at Amherst College and a John Simon Guggenheim Fellow. Ewald taught the class “Collaborative Art: The Practice and Theory of Working with Communities” at Amherst College in 2005, and brought in well-known collaborative artists to create art with Amilcar and other Five College students and the Amherst community. He has also studied at Greenfield Community College and the University of Massachusetts in media and Africana Studies.

For his Music go to

Early samples of his creation of new, multiversal soundscapes include and

Video projects include:

Juneteenth in the Valley [introductory sequence and outro]

Collaborative art projects that Amilcar led or contributed to include:

  • Inside Amherst Regional High School (YAC, 2009)

  • On the lawn outside the Jones Library of Amherst, MA (2011)

  • On the Amherst Coffee Building near Amherst Cinema (YAC, 2012)

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