I am in the fifth year the PhD program in Linguistics at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.  I study Agreement and Case from a syntactic and psycholinguistic perspective, with an empirical focus on South Asian languages.

I have also worked on Person and Number hierarchies in Agreement in other languages:

  • Person and Number Agreement  in Ojibwe, Cree and Dumi        (with Ekaterina Vostrikova and Leland Kusmer)

In addition, I have extensively studied the syntax and syntax-semantics interface for Hindi-Urdu as part of the following projects:

  • Agents and Instruments in Hindi-Urdu Causatives.
  • Focus marking in Hindi-Urdu
  • Hindi-English Code-switching
  • Sluicing in Hindi-Urdu (with Jyoti Iyer)
  • Anaphors in Hindi-Urdu (with Ethan Poole)
  • Comparatives in Hindi-Urdu (with Jyoti Iyer and Gurmeet Kaur)


Email me: sakshibhatia (at) linguist.umass.edu