Holiday Gift Guide 2018


The holiday season is the perfect time show appreciation towards friends and loved ones. When it comes to the giving gifts, sometimes it’s hard to pick out what to get for people. But have no fear! SAA has your back in the gift giving department:

  1. When it comes to finding a unique gift for a family friend or loved one who lives in Massachusetts, a UMass License plate is something you can’t beat. This is a gift that is useful, functional, and a great way to spread your UMass pride.
  2. Looking at the UMass store in the Campus Center or online is a great way to be inspired and find some great quality gifts like a sweatshirt, foam finger, mug or a cozy scarf.
  3. If you or someone in your family has strong UMass pride, then for 10 dollars you can sign up and become a member of the Militia. As a Militia member, you receive a unique long sleeve shirt, special seating at certain events, and other extra perks.
  4. If you ever go into downtown Amherst, what better way to show someone you care by giving them a gift card to your favorite place to eat. Some fan favorites include Glazed, Antonio’s, and Judies just to name a few!
  5. Check out Atkins farms and get a sweet treat for someone this holiday season. They have some of the best tasting baked treats in Western Mass.
  6. Sometimes a more personalized gift like homemade cookies or brownies are the way to show your appreciation for a person. You can’t go wrong by baking something sweet for someone sweet!
  7. Visiting Etsy’s website is also a great way to find countless unique gifts. If personalization is your thing then Etsy is a perfect place to go and check out! You could find the perfect gift for that certain person.

Overall, the holidays are about being around family and enjoying the time with them. Gifts are great but gift giving is even better. Going to UMass is a gift in itself that you might already realize or may realize in the future. From us here at SAA, we wish you Happy Holidays!

Sophia Coughlin ’20

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