Hey there!

IRodica am a fifth year Linguistics Ph.D. student at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. I’m interested in a lot of things, but to narrow it down, I work on the syntax-semantics interface and its interplay with sentence processing.

The CP layer is dear to me and I have worked on Q-particles, relativization strategies, multiple questions and embedded questions during my BA and MA at the University of Bucharest.

At UMass, I discovered my passion for fieldwork, working on binding and definite wh-phrases in Yalalag Zapotec. I have also worked on pronouns and (tensed) definite determiners in Somali with Deniz Özyıldız.

It is also here that I found my love for psycholinguistics. More specifically, I am investigating illusory licensing effects for strong/weak NPIs and neg-words in Romanian, as well as pronoun resolution in Romanian. In fact, the very topic of my dissertation is Binding and understanding how Principle B works!  For this reason, I am currently running NSF DDRI funded experiments on the comprehension and production of pronouns and anaphora in Romanian.

Other things I’m currently working on include PCC effects and Agree-derived clitic ordering in Romanian, Binding in Vietnamese with Thuy Bui, and fake indexicals and their agreement patterns in Farsi with Zahra Mirrazi.

Here’s something my CV won’t tell you: I am an unquestionable expert in all things Harry Potter.