Monday Internship and Career List

Each Monday, the Political Science and Advising Blog will post announcements about internships or career opportunities that come across our desk. Remember that UMass Career Services also maintains a list of opportunities through CareerConnect.

This week, we will be showing off two websites that will help you to get an internship in D.C., and give you interesting things to do while down there. Additionally, we will show you some of the internships and events you can see through these two websites.

This website is a listing of jobs and internships in Washington D.C. that are involved in public affairs, research, and advocacy. The list of potential positions is set up like many other job/internship databases, with the potential to filter out results that you aren’t interested in, and narrow in on the results that you are. Two internships, which were located on this site, are as follows:

Two Internships through the Equal Rights Center
The Equal Rights Center, a non-profit devoted to promoting civil rights, has a mission

to identify, challenge, and eliminate discrimination in housing, employment, public accommodations, and government services in and around the nation’s capital and across the country.

While the two internships that they advertise are no longer accepting applications for the summer, they encourage interested individuals to check back in several months, as the internship details for the fall will be posted soon. They have two sorts of internships, a Civil Rights Internship, as well as a Communications Internship.

The Civil Rights intern would:

– Conduct intakes: receive phone calls from people who have experienced discrimination and counsel them on their options for remediation
– Coordinate civil rights tests, advanced calls, and assist with analysis
– Conduct research for reports and investigations
– Act as civil rights testers

Secondly, the Communications intern would:

– Assist with the production of annual reports, newsletters, web content, presentations, etc.
– Update social networking sites – facebook and twitter – daily
– Draft blog entries and update blog multiple times a week
– Help draft and develop website copy
– Help develop social media and online strategy
– Research media contacts and blogs for material and press release distribution

Additionally, these internships have a $150 weekly stipend attached to them, with an expectation of 35 hours of work a week. They all take place in Washington D.C. Finally, while they are no longer accepting applications for the summer, they will post more information about their internships for the fall on this webpage, so make sure to check back.

This website is an online calendar for events taking place in the Washington D.C. area. It includes a variety of events related to a large number of issues, from foreign policy recommendations and lectures, to discussions of how to justify capitalism. We will feature two events from this website, both taking place in the middle of this summer. If you are interning in D.C., consider attending these:

Inside Media: The Assassination of a Journalist, Sunday, June 3rd
This event is being hosted by Newseum, featuring Thomas Peele as a guest. They will be detailing the assassination of a journalist in 2007, who was killed due to his investigation into an institution in Oakland. The event’s listing can be found here on the Newseum site, as well as here, on the LinkTank site. The seating for this event is open on an space-available basis. Finally, the event will have a book signing by Thomas Peele, who will sign copies of his book, Killing the Messenger.

Our Health Care Future: What’s Next After the Supreme Court Decision?, Monday, July 30th
This event is being hosted by the Bipartisan Policy Center, and will feature a number of different speakers, including 2 senators. They will be looking at how healthcare will exist after the Supreme Court Decision on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. The event can be seen on the LinkTank site here, and on the Center’s website here.