One-Night Opportunity as Election Agent with Reuters

August 31st, 2014 by jfahey

Below is a message from Brianna Rigert of Headway Workforce Solutions in Raleigh, NC regarding a one-night opportunity collecting election data on September 9th (the night of the primary elections in Massachusetts.) A great way to (quickly!) add to your resume!

“My name is Brianna Rigert and I currently work at Headway Workforce Solutions in Raleigh, NC as a Sourcing Specialist. We are currently working with Reuters and IPSOS for the upcoming Primary Elections in Massachusetts on September 9th. Reuters is seeking someone to collect election data on election night. We are paying the individual $100 for an one night only event on September 9th, plus $25 for every successful referral that gets hired. This would be a great opportunity for students in Political Science to add to their resumes! Professors could even offer it as extra credit! Feel free to contact me if you have any questions! We are trying to get the word out!

Job Description:

This year, Reuters and Ipsos are changing the way America learns about Election results. Voters all over the country will learn about election outcomes faster than ever thanks to an innovative, technology-driven approach to reporting the vote count.

We’re offering you the opportunity to go behind the scenes of the democratic process and take part in reporting the news that your local community, state, and the whole nation will be waiting for!

As an Election Agent for Ipsos and Reuters, you’ll use credentials awarded by Reuters to go behind the scene at your local election center and gather the vote count from County election officials. Once you receive the vote count, you’ll quickly (and easily) enter the results into a specially designed mobile application and send the news off to Reuters.

Working as an Election Agent for Ipsos/Reuters is a great opportunity for anyone looking to participate in reporting a crucial political event. It’s a great way to make some extra money while participating in a great cause.

There are only three requirements to be eligible for consideration as an Election Agent:

  • You have to be 18 years old
  • You must own a smart-phone and/or tablet with data plan and be able to operate it proficiently
  • You must be available for a one day project

You will love working as an Election Agent because you will:

  • Get a behind the scenes look at how news agencies report the vote count on election night
  • Earn a flat rate of $100 for this event
  • Gain experience working as a credential agent for Reuters, an internationally recognized news agency

As an Election Agent for Reuters you will:

  • Apply online (2 mins)
  • Do a brief phone screen with one of our Recruiters (5 mins)
  • Speak with one of our Hiring Managers (5 mins)
  • Fill out on-boarding documents & download the application (5 mins)
  • Complete a brief online training of watching videos (40 mins)
  • Participate in a conference call/run through on September 5th (15-20 mins)
  • Arrive at your assigned location one hour prior to the polls closing and work as an Election Agent on the evening of the Election (4-5 hours)  (*Polls close at 8 PM*)

Primary Election Agent

The flat rate of this job is $100. The rate includes time spent completing documents, online training, conference call, run through, and day of election activities. Also, if you refer candidates and they complete everything and show up the night of the election at their location and do the duties of the primary election agent, you will receive $25 for every successful referral. For example, refer five candidates and four of  them do what they are supposed to do, you will receive an additional $100.

To apply:

(Don’t forget to put my name, Brianna Rigert in the REFERRED BY box)”

Independent Study Program with Student Government Association

August 22nd, 2014 by jfahey

Attention all students: below is a description of a new independent study program with the Secretary of Diversity Office at the Student Government Association. The application for the program is attached in a word document.

“The Student Government Association is Expanding the Secretary of Diversity Office.

The Student Government Association exists to promote the general welfare of all university undergraduate students regardless of socioeconomic, racial, religious, cultural, gender, sexual orientation and political characteristics.

The Secretary and Associate Secretary of Diversity are tasked with representing all cultural, religious, and Greek organizations on campus.

In order to achieve fair and equal representation (on campus and in SGA), the Secretary of Diversity is offering directorship positions to properly advocate for our diverse student population.

Directors will be eligible to receive 6 academic credits through the Student Activities and Involvement and Student Organization Resource Center.

The directors perform important roles to assist the Student Government Association in fulfilling its mission. These various directors will serve as liaisons between SGA and the cultural organizations they identify with.

Responsibilities Include:

1.    Meeting with assigned cultural student organizations (executive board and general body) on a bi-weekly basis.

2.    Documenting issues of cultural organizations (budget information, gaining emergency funding, etc.) and voicing concerns to Secretary of Diversity and Senate.

3.    Assisting Associate Secretary of Diversity in planning cultural workshops and forums.

4.    Encouraging students in assigned cluster to run for Senate.

5.    Participating in Diversity and Student Engagement Committee meetings.

6.    Attending performances/cultural programs held by organizations in other clusters.

7.    Completing five-to-seven page assessment paper in the Spring semester.

8.    Perform additional tasks required by Student Activities and Involvement Internship program.

Qualifications Required:

1.    Ability to work with a racially, ethnically, socioeconomically, religiously, and culturally diverse group of students.

2.    Ability to help mediate frustrations and conflicts between student leaders.

3.    Some experience in collaborating with organizations.

4.    Willingness to participate in trainings/workshops including, but not limited to, power, racial privilege, oppression, microagressions, sexual assault, and Title IX.

We ask that you please forward this information to qualified students and encourage them to apply.

Priority applications due by September 5th. All applications due by September 12th.

We also ask that you please review the attached materials, especially the organizational structure and placements. Our goal is to be as inclusive as possible so it is vital we hear from all groups.

Applications and materials are attached. For more information or to give feedback, please to do not hesitate to contact:”


Grassroots Organizing/Political Science Intern with Represent.Us

August 22nd, 2014 by jfahey
Grassroots Organizing/Political Science InternCalling all passionate individuals ready to take on corruption in our government with our bold, new campaign. Represent.Us (a campaign of United Republic) needs dedicated, qualified interns to help move forward our campaign to get the money out of politics. We are offering summer, fall and spring semester internship opportunities to talented undergraduate students who feel passionately about addressing the undue influence of money in U.S. politics. Opportunities are available in our Florence, MA office.Our internship program will allow students to gain a hands-on understanding about the democracy reform movements taking place in our country. Working closely with the staff, interns will work on the many facets of an advocacy organization such as: organizing, research and lobbying. Depending on skill level and interest interns may take part in:
· Grassroots organizing efforts
· Volunteer recruitment and coaching
· Marketing/branding, social media and external affairs coordination
· Database tracking
· Investigative research, helping to expose corruption in our political system
· Website development and other collateral materials

In addition to supporting our programmatic efforts, daily tasks will include some administrative and operational support. Ideal candidates will be hard working, enthusiastic, detail oriented, resourceful and most importantly, have a passion for good government.
While undergraduate internships at Represent.Us are unpaid, we are committed to making sure the experience here is challenging, informative and educational. We are happy to work with colleges or universities so interns may earn academic credit for work done in our office.

To apply, send your cover letter and resume to Use the subject line: “Grassroots Organizing Intern.”

Florence, Massachusetts; Florence, Massachusetts; Northampton, Massachusetts
Compensation Type:
Compensation Details/Other Benefits:
Travel stipend available
Job Status:
Job Function:
Advocacy, Brand Management, Creative/Design/Multimedia, Marketing, Operations, Political Organization/Lobbying, Programming/Software Development, Project Management
Period Of Employment:
Cover Letter Required:
Writing Sample(s) Required:
Other Document(s) Required:
Other Requested Materials:

New Public Policy Courses: A Great Fit for PolSci Students

August 22nd, 2014 by jfahey

When you’re searching through Spire looking for courses to fill up on, why not check out some Public Policy courses? A great addition to any Political Science education, these new courses will allow students to develop critical arguments and their own political theories on some of the defining issues of our time: inequality; race; justice; labor relations; incarceration and more. Both courses are taught by Professor Brenda Bushouse.

PUBPADM 193E Inequality in the U.S.: Prisons, Schools, and Jobs

Professor Bushouse
302 Thompson Hall

Class Meeting Time: Tuesday 4-6:30 and additional as noted in syllabus
Location: TBD

Course Description:
Inequalities in wealth, race, ethnicity, gender and social class are evolving in dramatic and complicated ways.  This course is designed to provide students with the opportunity to learn about inequality from a multi-disciplinary perspective.  Students will attend a series of lectures being held by the College of Social and Behavioral Science on Social Science Matters: Perspectives on Inequality. The lecture series showcases social science scholars who are contributing to the analysis and debate about critical issues of our time. Class sessions will feature active learning activities and discussions.

PUBPADM 397P Policymaking for Social Change
Professor Bushouse
302 Thompson Hall

Class Meeting Time: M,W 10 ­ 11:15
Class Location: Integrated Learning Center S112

Course Description:
What is inequality and what is fair?  This course examines inequality across three major policy areas: education, justice, and labor.  For each policy area we begin with defining the inequality ³problem² by examining race, ethnicity, gender, and class.  We then we explore the policy solutions that have been tried to create more equality (e.g., No Child Left Behind,
minimum-wage, Three Strikes sentencing laws) and assess their success and failure.  Students will learn policy analysis and evaluation tools for assessing policies.  By the end of the class student can expect to have gained a deep understanding of these policy areas and the political, economic and social challenges for creating equality in the United States. This is a team-based learning course that requires students to actively engage during the class sessions on projects and presentations. Preparation will involve watching video-clips, listening to podcasts, reading books and articles, and attending multiple speaker events on campus throughout the semester. This course requires a blend of team projects and individual work.”

Telecommuting Position with the Borgen Project

August 20th, 2014 by jfahey

The Borgen Project is a national campaign that fights global poverty by working to make it a focus of U.S. foreign policy. See below for details on a telecommunication internship for the next four months! (A great choice for those who are looking for a Fall internship but need to remain on campus.)


This is a part-time 12-hours per week telecommuting internship. The internship is 4 months and responsible for leading public and political outreach in the state and district assigned to. Must be available Monday’s 4:30-6:00 PM PST for The Borgen Project’s national conference call.

Key Responsibilities:

*Meet with members of Congress and/or Congressional staffers in your State and District.
*Represent The Borgen Project at various business, political and community events.
*Assist with fundraising. Create a personal fundraising campaign and meet targets.
*Mobilize individuals to contact their members of Congress in support of key poverty-reduction legislation.
*As needed, speak to groups, classes and organizations.
*Write letters of support for key programs to political leaders, media and other groups.


*Outstanding writing skills.
*Self-starter who can produce great results with limited supervision.
*Strong oral communication skills and ability to lead meetings and give speeches.

*To Apply: To be considered for the Political Affairs Internship, please email your resume to

Legal Studies Majors Wanted!

August 13th, 2014 by sadler

The SBS Advising Center is seeking rising sophomore and junior Legal Studies majors to become SBS peer advisors.

Do you like helping others?  Do you want to help your peers, build community within your college and get academic credit at the same time?  If so, we invite you to enroll in the Peer Advising Leadership Seminar – SOCBEHAV 391P, offered in Fall 2014.  The class meets on Monday from 12:20 – 1:10. There are still a few seats available!

This dynamic and experiential 3-credit seminar will prepare you to advise fellow students in the SBS Advising Center on global education requirements, general education requirements, university resources and the overall university experience. Readings, discussions and papers/projects will focus on student development theories, cross-cultural communication, issues around diversity and other valuable topics that will help prepare you for leadership positions in the future. Guest speakers and current advisors will take part and share their wisdom.  Finally, you’ll work as a team to plan great events to promote SBS spirit and foster community.

Successful completion of SOCBEHAV 391P will enable students to stay on as an SBS Peer Advisor for 1 additional credit (pass/fail) in Spring 2015.

Please send Timothy Beaucage ( an email expressing your interest in the course as well as a brief introduction (year, major, extracurricular activities, interests, hobbies etc…).  This will be followed by a brief phone call to discuss enrollment in the seminar. Feel free to contact Tim at any time if you have questions about Peer Advising or the course. (413-577-1058)

We hope you are having a wonderful summer and cannot wait to have you all back in the fall!

 From the advising team in Thompson 128


Fall Internship with Massachusetts Democratic Party

August 11th, 2014 by jfahey


Check out this post from the Massachusetts Democratic Party about opportunities to intern this fall! Interested applicants should send a cover letter explaining why they are interested in interning and resume to Sarah Baughman ( by August 30th!

“This fall the Massachusetts Democratic Party is seeking passionate and dedicated interns interested in learning about the Massachusetts political process on a statewide level. Massachusetts Democratic Party interns are crucial to the success of the Party in many respects. Interns are often the first point of contact for someone reaching out to the office, and thus must maintain a professional report in both internal and external communication.

Our staff encourages interns to take leading roles in many ongoing projects, offering interns the opportunity to a foot in the door of Massachusetts’s politics.  Interns are expected to approach their administrative tasks with the same enthusiasm and professionalism as their special projects. Administrative tasks include answering the phones, keeping the office organized, maintaining our paper and electronic databases, and managing our general office inboxes of mail, voice mail, and email.

All interns should expect:

  • To work hard and be challenged
  • To work with people of all personalities and backgrounds
  • To be flexible in a fast-paced environment
  • To participate in one evening phone bank per week and one canvass per weekend
  • To do everything that needs to be done to win in November!


We are asking for a commitment of 12 hours a week minimum. The deadline to apply is August 30th; we will be interviewing and accepting positions on a rolling basis.

The focus will be implementing our voter outreach strategy and ensuring we have the resources necessary to win in November. Consequently, we are seeking interns interested in learning about voter outreach and fundraising. Specific descriptions are below.

Grassroots Outreach Interns

Will perform tasks such as:

  • Practice proven methods and tools of political organizing, such as phone banking and canvassing
  • Assist in executing our GOTV plan, including recruiting volunteers to participate in canvasses, phone banks, and Election Day activities
  • Compiling daily press clips for staff
  • Assistance of social media management and implementation

Will have an opportunity to:

  • Become effective community and political organizers through the use of VoteBuilder and other key Democratic organizing tools that ultimately make our ground game more effective and enable us to collect and analyze data efficiently
  • Develop a network among activists and community leaders
  • Strengthen interpersonal and communications skills
  • Inform the overall messaging campaign of our organization through research
  • Contribute toward communications that reach a readership of over 15k by email, 10k people by Twitter posts, and 3k people by Facebook
  • Enable staff to quickly capitalize on important issues and events

Will need the following skills and qualities:

  • Interpersonal
  • Ability to work both independently and as part of a team
  • Research

Will work most closely with: the Field Director.

Fundraising Interns

Will perform tasks such as:

  • Upkeep of the Party database, including donor information
  • Donor research
  • Assistance with drafting fundraising communications
  • Assistance with planning and executing fundraising events
  • Participation in weekly phone banks and weekend canvasses with the outreach interns

Will have an opportunity to:

  • Gain an understanding of statewide fundraising strategy
  • Establish a foundation of fundraising skills that can be applied to both the private and public sector, including developing fundraising plans, evaluating donor potential, managing donor relationships, planning and executing events, and expanding a grassroots donor program
  • Strengthen professional interpersonal skills
  • Build a network among fundraising staff on campaigns and at organizations, as well as with influential leaders on different issues and in various communities

Will need the following skills and qualities:

  • Research
  • Attention to detail
  • Organization
  • Interpersonal
  • Ability to work independently

Will work most closely with: the Finance Director.”

Internship Photo Contest!

August 11th, 2014 by jfahey


Click on the picture below to find out all about Career Services’ internship photo contest for the Spring and Summer of 2014! Follow the instructions and send an email to for your chance at some great prizes including an Amazon or Antonio’s Pizza Gift Card!

UMass Internship Photo Contest

Apply to be a Justice on Student Judiciary

July 17th, 2014 by jfahey

Do you have an interest in the law or student government? Looking for another way to become involved in the UMass community? Then why not apply to be a Justice on the Student Judiciary. As a justice, you will hear cases and rule on interpretations of the by-laws of the SGA. More information about how to apply and your duties can be found here.

The deadline for application is August 1st!

Internships with Office of the Governor, Western MA

July 3rd, 2014 by jfahey

Interested in interning for the state government of Massachusetts, but don’t fancy the two hour commute to Boston? Lucky for you, there are internship opportunities available with the Office of the Governor in Springfield, MA. There is an internship with the Governor’s Office in Western MA available for college sophomores, juniors, and seniors. Additionally, there is a fellowship overseeing the “Partners in Public Service,”–an initiative promoting “aligned commitment to civic engagement through building partnerships with state agencies to advance public policy and expand opportunities for economic growth.”

Interns are expected to serve a minimum of 15 hours each week. Candidates should have an interest in public service, be familiar with current events, and possess excellent phone and computer skills. Other important qualities include: an open mind, keen organizational and communication abilities, and a knack for thinking on one’s feet. Interns will cultivate important career skills while gaining first-hand knowledge of the workings of state government.

To learn more or to submit your application, please contact Elizabeth Cardona, at or (413) 784-1200.

The application deadline is July 25th and each applicant must provide a cover letter, resume, 2-3 page writing sample, and 2-3 letters of recommendation (at least one being a letter from a current employer.)

For more information, see the link here.