NCDG Spring Seminar Series

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The National Center for Digital Government will host a Seminar Series from January – May, 2015. Scholars from UMass and National Center for Digital Government, Visiting Fellows, and guests, will present pressing topics in e-governance, science, and technology research. The seminars are free and open to the public.

Schedule of NCDG Seminars (January-May 2015), 201 Gordon Hall:

  1. Thursday, Jan. 29 between 11:30am–1 pm Distinguished Professor Jane Fountain Presents “E-Governance Tools and Challenges for Cross Agency Collaboration.”
  1. Thursday, Feb. 12 between 12–1:30 pm, Professor Luis Antonio Orozco Presents “Policy and Governance Networks of Innovation in Colombia: The Evolution of Inter-Agency Collaboration”
  1. Wednesday, Feb. 25 between 12–1:30 pm
  1. Wednesday, March 11 between 12–1:30 pm
  1. Wednesday, March 25 between 12–1:30 pm

6. Wednesday, April 8 between 12–1:30 pm

  1. Wednesday, April 22 between 12–1:30 pm