CEGOV’s director, Prof. Marco Cepik, visits the NCDG

On April 17th, Professor Marco Cepik, director of the Center for International Studies on Government (CEGOV) of Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS) in Brazil visited NCDG.
He was received by Prof. Jane Fountain and a fruitful meeting ensued.
Dr. Fountain and Dr. Cepik agreed on a research-oriented prospective agenda, which aims at institutionalizing the partnership between the two Centers. As a first step on that direction, NCDG and CEGOV will work on the proposal of a panel on the topic of ICT and the Global South, to be held in 2014 during an annual Political Science conference to be defined in the following months. It is expected that the event can yield the publication of a special issue in a journal from the field of Political Science.
NCDG and CEGOV will work in close cooperation in order to enable the interchange of researchers on a task-oriented basis for ongoing research projects at both ends. Both institutions will also work in order to pursue funding opportunities for joint research projects.
Prof. Fountain and Prof. Cepik agreed to conduct a pilot teaching experience from next on: they will organize a common course to be taught synchronically at UMass and at UFRGS over the Web.