UUSLAW Fall ’12

This year UUSLAW is being held at UMass on November 10th. The schedule is right below.

We will have the workshop in the Math Lounge, directions below.


10:15-10:45 | Coffee & Refreshments

10:45- 11:15 | Andie Faber (UMass Amherst), “L1 & L2 Processing of subject pronouns with Epicene and Bigender Antecedents”

11:15-11:45 | Lyn Tieu & Troy Messick (University Of Connecticut),  “Which reading of both both’s do adults prefer?”

11:45-12:15 | Michael Clauss  (UMass Amherst), “Illicit LF Movement in child English”

12:15-1:45 | Lunch

1:45-2:15 | Kathryn Davidson, Corina Goodwin & Diane Lillo-Martin (University Of Connecticut), “Language transfer in ASL/English Bimodal Bilingual children with CI’s.”

2:15-2:45 | Maria Turrero (UMass Amherst), “Measuring distances: long distance and medial interpretations of wh- islands in L2 speakers of Spanish: Methodological considerations”

2:45-3:15 | Lyn Tieu (University Of Connecticut) “Where to go from domain widening: Any ideas?”

3:15-3:45 Break

3:45-4:15 |  Fernanda Mendes  (UMass Amherst / Universidade Estadual de Campinas, UNICAMP – Brazil),  “Inalienable possession in English and Brazilian Portuguese: differences between body-part names and relationship names”

4:15-4:45 | William Snyder (University Of Connecticut), “Future projects”

6pm Dinner at Magda’s (172 Crescent street, Northampton MA at 413-885-4717)


For parking:

(1)  To Campus Center Parking garage. From Route 9, take route 116 north 1 mile to UMass exit. Right at the top of the exit ramp, proceed east towards campus and follow signs to Campus Center Parking garage.

(2) Free parking near Math Lounge on the weekends. Start as if going to the Campus Center Parking garage (see (1) above), but keep going north around the “back” (west) side of the campus, and try to find your way into the maze of parking areas numbered “65”. The lots near Paige Lab and Knowles are good. All normal parking lots are free on the weekend, but the Campus Parking Center garage isn’t.

The Lederle Graduate Research Tower (LGRT), where the Math Lounge is located, is a 16-story building a little bit further away (than either the library or the Campus Center). For an enlarged view of the LGRT on the interactive map, click here.

The Math Lounge (LGRT): The Math Lounge (Rm # 1634) is located on the 16th floor of the Lederle Graduate Research Tower. Please allow extra time for the long elevator ride. As you step off the elevator on the 16th floor, you will see right in front of you a sign pointing to your right (unless you choose to step off by walking backwards) saying “Room 1634”.

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