Linear Programming

This Wednesday at 5:30 in LGRT 1634 Ray Bai will present on Linear Programming.  As always, we will have free pizza and soda with the talk.

Linear programming is a widely used application of mathematics in the real-world. It is used in a number of industries, including health care, transportation, manufacturing. Formally, a linear programming model involves the minimization or maximization of an objective function with several variables subject to constraints represented by linear inequalities. In my talk, I will introduce and motivate the concept of linear programming, illustrate the geometric interpretation of an LP with two variables, and finally give a real-world example involving production scheduling.

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One Response to Linear Programming

  1. Andy johnson says:

    Given the linear programming problem, use the method of corners to determine where the minimum occurs and give the minimum value.


    Subject to
    x< 2
    y< 10
    x + y> 10
    x> 0
    y> 0

    ****on all the carrots it’s less than OR EQUAL TO
    help thanks!

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