Equity and Access in the Mathematics Classroom

In this article, Rochelle Guttierez introduces a framework for equity that includes access, achievement, identity and power. She discusses why it is important to think about the mathematics language connection as it either prevents or allows access to quality classroom instruction.


Rochelle Gutiérrez is an Associate Professor at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champagne and her research focuses on equity in mathematics education, race/class/language issues in teaching and learning, effective teacher communities and social justice.


Uwec2dl Teaching for Excellence and Equity in Mathematics

Harold Asturias at NCSM Ignite

In this video Harold Asturias introduces how  and why the English language in the mathematics class becomes a barrier for second language learners.




Harold Asturias

Professional Developer for K–12 teachers who teach mathematics, particularly to students from under-represented and under-served groups.


NCSM is the National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics. They host an annual conference called Ignite which brings together innovative math educators who share in various ways, their expertise and insight into math education.

Connecting mathematics and English language development, equity in mathematics education.