Research Interests

I’m working on a few different projects these days! Here are some of the highlights:

  • Spanish stress: I am putting the finishing touches on a new analysis of Spanish stress (and its exceptions), a topic which has been controversial for quite some time! I propose an account that uses lexically-indexed constraints in a Stratal OT framework, which yields quantity sensitive moraic trochees.
  • Spanish onset cluster phonotactics: It has been said that Spanish onset clusters can consist of stops (/p, t, k, b, d, g/) or /f/ + a liquid. But is this really the case? Based on the results of a phonotactic judgment experiment that I ran, I argue that /f/ is not exceptional in that it is the only fricative allowed in onset clusters. Spanish listeners also accept /x/ in this position, meaning that /s/ is exceptional in its inability to form part of onset clusters!
  • VOT in English-Spanish heritage speakers: With Professor Danielle Thomas, I am investigating language internal and external sources of variation in voice onset time (VOT) in English – Spanish bilinguals, with a special focus on heritage speakers. Spanish heritage speakers show unique patterns of variation, as their VOT productions are not like those of monolinguals or L2 speakers.
  • Agrammatism in primary progressive aphasia: Working under Dr. Whitwell at Mayo Clinic, I am looking at ways to quantitatively measure agrammatic deficits in spoken and written language production in patients with primary progressive aphasia.