This site serves as a resource for teachers, educational audiologists, and speech-language pathologists working with deaf and hard of hearing children, as well as students studying to work in these professions.

I am an educational audiologist, deaf educator, program administrator and PhD candidate. My research interests are deaf education, accessible language, educational audiology, special educational law and policy relating to deaf/hard of hearing children

I have an unusual role: I am the director of a program that supports students using spoken language in public schools, which is located within a bilingual-bicultural school for the Deaf. I am a Gallaudet graduate, and was AVT trained. I’m not easily put into a box. My varied experiences allow me to make individualized decisions for children with hearing loss.

My core beliefs:

  • I believe in accessible language and accessible education for all deaf and hard of hearing children.
  • I believe in the full continuum of educational services and placements for students with hearing loss.
  • I believe an Individual Education Program should be truly individualized.
  • And I believe in the potential of all children, if we provide them with highly qualified teachers, appropriate related service providers, consistently monitor language acquisition and development (whether they are using ASL or spoken language) and evaluate their ability to access  the curriculum.

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