Franklin County Tech


Franklin County Technical School District
Richard J. Martin
82 Industrial Blvd
Turners Falls, MA 01376
Telephone: (413) 863-9561, extension 119

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Our public high school with over 500 students excels at its role set forth in 1976: to provide students in the Franklin County region with an effective balance between work with the mind and work with the hands, between preparing students for life-long learning as well as the skills-based workplace. Our collaborative, project-based model utilizes 13 industry-specific CTE (career and technical education) programs to provide a real-world context for readying oneself for the 21st century. We offer a full range of extracurricular, MIAA athletic teams and co-curricular organizations. Among the schools with the highest graduation rate in the region, FCTS continually looks for innovative and excited educators to contribute to building new approaches to connecting “education” to the lives of our students.

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