Who We Are


alex-d Alexandra Deschamps - Manager, Instructional Innovation

Alex Deschamps oversees the Instructional Media Lab; the University’s front-line support for instructional technology use by faculty, lecturers, and teaching assistants. Alex's expertise includes quizzing, grade book, and Excel.
brad Brad Turner - Manager, Instructional Innovation

Brad's work focuses on assisting instructors with transforming the "traditional" classroom into a more engaging and active learning and teaching space. Some of the many services, projects, and initiatives he works on include Echo360 lecture capture technology, i>Clicker audience response, peer evaluation, classroom video conferencing, iBooks & iTunes U, and untethering from the lectern with mobile devices. Brad also has extensive experience designing and creating multimedia learning and teaching materials, including books, graphics, animations, and knowledge and performance certifications.
In his free time, Brad enjoys spending time with his kids, watching movies and T.V., reading, listening to podcasts, drawing cartoons, performing stand-up comedy, hanging out with his dog, and desperately hoping that Sasquatch is real.
michele Michele Turre - Senior Faculty Support Specialist- Instructional Technology

Michele brings her expertise with visual and usability design to the services and projects supported in the Instructional Media Lab. She's part of the Moodle technical team, and is a WordPress (Blogs at UMass Amherst) enthusiast. She leads workshops, writes user documentation, and consults with faculty who are using visual media and online tools in their teaching and research.
sam Sam Anderson - Instructional Design & Faculty Support Coordinator

Sam has expertise with active learning tools and spaces, intellectual property, faculty instruction, open source software development, and game-based learning. Sam has facilitated professional development events for several higher ed organizations. Prior to joining the staff at UMass, Sam worked as an academic research librarian.


Aster Richardson
Aster is a graduate student at the School of Public Policy, and is concentrating in Education policy. Their academic focus is in charter school policy, but working in Instructional Innovation has certainly piqued their interest in education technology. Emily would like to have a hand in crafting policy that improves student access to important digital resources and skills at the primary and secondary level.
Bharat Rathod
Bharat is a doctoral candidate in International Education program and he is interested to learn new technology in different educational settings. Bharat has been associated with youth mentoring programs and keen to explore low-cost and accessible technologies to educate youth. Further, he has research interests in student affairs and learning technology in higher education.
Daniel Canity
Dan Cannity is a graduate student in the Department of Sociology. He has had a long time fascination with learning and using technology, and his research involves digital literacy, learning digital skills, video games, and augmented reality. In addition to digital learning, Dan is interested in quantitative data analysis, new research methodologies, and data visitation.
Sadaf Rathod
Sadaf is a graduate student in the International Education program. She has worked as a teaching associate in a team based learning classroom and is fascinated by the learning model. She is interested in learning and exploring such new technologies and pedagogies to create socially just classrooms and societies.
Travis Grandy
Travis is a doctoral candidate in English Composition and Rhetoric. He is committed to empowering teachers to learn and adapt new instructional technologies to better meet their teaching goals. Travis has a strong background in composition pedagogy, does research on digital media, and loves making pivot tables in Excel.
Xime Cubillos
Xime is a graduate student in the Learning, Media and Technology masters program. She wants to mix her abilities as a digital animator with education to develop interactive educational material that helps teachers to enhance learning in their practice. As a digital animator she has expertise with audiovisual projects.