Who We Are


fred Fred Zinn - Associate Director, Academic Computing

Fred's key interests include effective design of information, illustration of complex ideas, and advocating for bullet-free presentations in classrooms. Fred prefers a reasonable approach to technology in the classroom: faculty should always check to be sure that technology is improving learning and teaching or helping reduce drudgery; if it isn't, it should be discarded. Fred has also worked as a graphic designer, illustrator, and cartoonist, most notably on operas about bugs, and games about parasites.
brad Brad Turner - Associate Manager, Faculty Support

Brad's work focuses on assisting instructors with transforming the "traditional" classroom into a more engaging and active learning and teaching space. Some of the many services, projects, and initiatives he works on include Echo360 lecture capture technology, i>Clicker audience response, peer evaluation, classroom video conferencing, iBooks & iTunes U, and untethering from the lectern with mobile devices. Brad also has extensive experience designing and creating multimedia learning and teaching materials, including books, graphics, animations, and knowledge and performance certifications.
In his free time, Brad enjoys spending time with his kids, watching movies and T.V., reading, listening to podcasts, drawing cartoons, performing stand-up comedy, hanging out with his dog, and desperately hoping that Sasquatch is real.
michele Michele Turre - Senior Faculty Support Specialist- Instructional Technology

Michele brings her expertise with visual and usability design to the services and projects supported in the Instructional Media Lab. She's part of the Moodle technical team, and is a WordPress (Blogs at UMass Amherst) enthusiast. She leads workshops, writes user documentation, and consults with faculty who are using visual media and online tools in their teaching and research.
alex-d Alexandra Deschamps - Instructional Design & Faculty Support Coordinator

Alex Deschamps is an Instructional Designer and Faculty Support Coordinator for UMass Amherst. As part of UMass IT Services and Academic Computing, she oversees the Instructional Media Lab; the University’s front-line support for instructional technology use by faculty, lecturers, and teaching assistants. Alex's expertise includes quizzing, grade book, and Excel.
sam Sam Anderson - Instructional Design & Faculty Support Coordinator

Sam has expertise with active learning tools and spaces, intellectual property, faculty instruction, open source software development, and game-based learning. Sam has facilitated professional development events for several higher ed organizations. Prior to joining the staff at UMass, Sam worked as an academic research librarian.
olga Olga Kyle - Instructional Design & Faculty Support Coordinator

Prior to joining UMass IT, Olga taught multimedia reporting, video production, broadcast journalism, international communication, web design and other digital media courses in higher ed institutions in Europe and the U.S.A. As Apple Certified Trainer and Adobe Education Trainer she provides training in video editing and motion graphics design. In addition to full-time teaching, Olga has more than 20 years of professional experience in the media. She has worked as a journalist, producer, video editor and motion graphics designer, as well as a trainer and a consultant for TV stations and production companies in Eastern Europe, Central Asia and the Caucuses. Most recently Olga has been experimenting with app development and interactive video forms of storytelling.


_DSC5598.jpg Elisa Martinez
Elisa is a doctoral student in the department of Sociology, studying and teaching on the politics of the international development and humanitarian relief field where she built her career. Until joining the Instructional Media Lab, she was one of its happy customers, and always enjoys the smart, friendly, can-do energy among its consultants.
kyle Kyle Whitmus
Kyle is a graduate student in the Masters of Fine Arts (Fiction) program at UMass and has been with the lab since 2014. His favorite fiction plays with whitespace and unusual textual layouts.
_DSC5594.jpg Mario Valdebenito
Mario is a graduate student in the College of Education on the Learning, Media and Technology program. He is a professional digital animator interested in the use of new technologies to enhance learning. Mario enjoys searching and finding innovative tools that can be implemented in your classroom. As an animator, Mario has a deeper understanding of tools such as Photoshop, After Effects, Autodesk Maya, Cinema 4D, among others that can be helpful to your class projects.
_DSC5609.jpg Maria Afzal
Maria is a graduate student in the Learning, Media and Technology program. She has a particular enthusiasm for the design and implementation of new technologies for learning environments and educational systems. Maria also worked as a graphic designer and multimedia artist before joining the Instructional Media Lab at UMass Amherst.