Audience Response Systems

Check for iClicker Software Updates

Check if your i>clicker software is current: If you’re using i>clicker 7 software, please run the “Check for Update” feature to download the most recent version of i>clicker 7. Staying current with the latest i>clicker release helps your classes run smoothly. The newest available release is version 7.10. This is an optional update, however, updating to this version…

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iClicker Software Update

i>clicker 7.4.6 update: If you’re using i>clicker software, please run the “Check for Update”  to download the most recent version of i>clicker 7. Staying current with the latest i>clicker release helps your classes run smoothly. The newest available release is version 7.4.6. This is an optional update, however, updating to this version ensures access to the very…

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Getting the Most Out of Peer Instruction (with Clickers!)

Looking for a detailed guide to provoking rich, focused discussions among students in your courses, even large ones? Peter Newbury of UC San Diego has a great set of procedures and recommendations for how to use audience response tools like i>clicker to do just that. “Peer instruction is a powerful, evidence-based instructional strategy that supports…

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It’s Time to Upgrade to iClicker 7

We’re happy to announce that UMass Amherst i>clicker 7 software package is now available for download. This latest release integrates i>grader into i>clicker app as a Gradebook feature and provides better ease of use, improved stability and access to new and improved polling features. Downloading and using i>clicker 7 Please visit IT Support Center’s i>clicker Support…

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i>Clicker Lunch & Learn Event

We would like to invite you to a Lunch & Learn event on Friday, May 1st, 11:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. Our campus i>Clicker representative will join us to talk about the new i>Clicker 7, which we will use on campus this fall; REEF Polling, i>Clicker’s new mobile solution; and best practices for using i>Clicker…

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i>clicker Software v6.4.1 (and earlier)- Update Required

The i>clicker audience response system is a polling system that uses a handheld remote (clicker) to collect student responses to questions posed by the instructor. Student data is recorded and then displayed on a results graph via software on the instructor’s computer. i>clicker software versions 6.4.1 and earlier utilize a security communication protocol that could…

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i>clicker: Transforming Student Learning through Technology- A Presentation by Dr. Mats Selen

Watch our video of Professor Selen’s talk to see how he and his colleagues have streamlined and improved their teaching, and increased student engagement and outcomes by introducing Web-based multimedia pre-lectures, online assessments of student understanding prior to lecture, and clicker technology to assess and facilitate student understanding during lecture.

New Clicker System in the Fall

In Fall 2011 the UMass Amherst campus is switching from using eInstruction’s PRS clickers to i>clicker. Instructors will be pre-ordering i>clicker remotes through the Textbook Annex. To stay up to date with announcements and information about the new i>clicker system please visit our new Audience Response System blog. This August we will be offering introductory…

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Using Clickers Effectively: How to write PRS questions

Last month Astronomy Professor Steve Schneider presented on his experience with using the Personal Response System with a particular focus on his strategies for writing good PRS questions. Professor Schenider says he’s been using PRS systems in various incarnations for 10 years, primarily with his large lecture course Astronomy 101. Here are some lessons he shared with the group…

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NPR considers Clickers

Last week All Things Considered discussed Personal Response Systems (aka clickers). This short piece touches on the pedagogical potentials, of PRS, and, like with any other tool, emphasizes the importance of investing appropriate time to integrate PRS into the curriculum as a condition of its success. Check out the 8 minute podcast available in audio and article form.

Personal Response System (“Clickers”) Seminar for Instructors – Nov 25

For those of you who are curious about or considering using PRS in your classes, the Center for Teaching, OIT Academic Computing, and the Provost’s Office are co-hosting an event on November 25 for instructors who want to learn more. Details below. PRS, or Personal Response System, is a tool that many professors at UMass…

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