Fall 2018

Ok Google, why don’t you understand me?*

  • College of Natural Science first-year seminar (UMass Amherst)

Accents, Dialects, and Attitudes*

  • College of Humanities and Fine Arts first-year seminar (UMass Amherst)


Spring 2018


  • Graduate (Central Connecticut State University)

Speech Processing (TA)

  • Mixed graduate/undergraduate (UMass Amherst)


Fall 2017

Introduction to Linguistic Theory

  • Undergraduate (UMass Amherst)


Spring 2017

Phonology (TA)

  • Undergraduate (UMass Amherst)


Fall 2016

Phonetics (TA)

  • Undergraduate team-based learning course (UMass Amherst)


*=course which I designed