Current Research

Working Papers:

“How Do Social Entrepreneurs Respond to Rewards? A Field Experiment on Motivations,” (with Chloé Le Coq and Marieke Huysentruyt), UMass Amherst Economics Working Paper 2018-21, Revise and Resubmit, Management Science.

“Closing Gender Wage Gaps in Ukraine: Composition, Returns and the Minimum Wage,” (with Katherine Terrell), Revise and Resubmit, Industrial & Labor Relations Review.

“Location and Scientific Productivity: Evidence from the Soviet Brain Drain”

“Information and Social Norms: Experimental Evidence on the Labor Market Aspirations of Saudi Women” (with Monira Essa Aloud, Sara Al-Rashood, and Basit Zafar)

“Do Scientists Care About Kudos? A Field Experiment on Status Rewards in Academia” (with Patrick Gaulé, Eva Guinan and Karim Lakhani)

“Gender Differences in Professional Career Dynamics: New Evidence from a Global Law Firm” (with Ricardo Hausmann and Martina Viarengo)

Research in Progress:

“Did the Soviets Solve the “Productivity Puzzle”? Gender Differences in Science in the Soviet Union”

“Preferences, Information, and Entry into Academic Careers” (with Patrick Gaulé)

“The Long-run Impacts of Patents on Inventors: Evidence from Patent Interferences” (with Jeffrey Lin and Nicholas Reynolds)

“Immigration Restriction and Literacy: Evidence from Ellis Island Ship Manifests” (with Jenny Withrow)

“Multi-Disciplinary Researchers: Field Experimental Evidence” (with Kevin Boudreau)