Upcoming Brown Bag events: Time management and the So What Question

We’ve got some new events coming up: brown bag events (bring your own lunch, we’ll provide cookies, coffee, and tea) on Time Management (facilitated by the Office of Workplace Learning and Development) and the So What Question.

Time Management: Not enough time in your day? Having trouble figuring out how to balance the demands of your research, your teaching, and your family? Need tips on how to keep yourself organized and on target for all of your projects? Come to our brown bag event where we’ll talk about effective time management strategies and about how you can better use your time and maximize your productivity, while keeping your sanity.
Two sessions: Friday, November 22, 12-1 and Tuesday, December 3, 12-1. Location is Goodell Lounge (5th floor).

So What?? Answering the Ultimate Question: As Shania Twain said, “So you’re a rocket scientist. That don’t impress me much.” Work on techniques and tactics for talking about your work, particularly highlighting its importance in your field and in the world in general. Start practicing how to impress people with your articulate description of your work and why it matters. Useful for grant proposals, conference networking, job interviews, and cocktail parties!
Two sessions: Tuesday, November 19, 11:30 am -12:30 pm and Wednesday, December 4, 12-1. Location is Goodell Lounge (5th floor).

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