Spirit of Mawson AAE Expedition

While most of my current research focuses on the Arctic, I was fortunate to be an assistant scientist on the first leg of the Spirit of Mawson expedition in 2013-2014 (the orange dots and line on the expedition tracker). We traveled on board the ice-strengthened Akademik Shokalskiy to the Campbell and Auckland Islands south of New Zealand to carry out an extensive science program encompassing everything from marine ecology to paleoclimatology. I was part of the blogging team (outreach was a major part of the expedition) and also helped collect numerous peat cores as well as marine samples. Hopefully we will be running biomarkers on some of the peat samples here at UMass to complement other analyses done in the UK and New Zealand.

Part of the goal of this expedition was to get people excited and thinking about places the Antarctica and the Sub-Antarctic. Below are a couple of videos I shot of sea lions at Campbell and the Snares Islands.

Sea Lions at Campbell Island, New Zealand Sub-Antarctics

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