Published/ In Review

de Wet, G., Castañeda, I., DeConto, R., Brigham-Grette, J. (2016) A high-resolution mid-Pleistocene temperature record from Artic Lake El’gygytgyn: a 50 kyr super interglacial from MIS 33 to MIS 31? Earth and Planetary Science Letters 436: 56-63

de Wet, G., Bradley, R., Balascio, N., D’Andrea, W., Gjerde, M., Perren, B., Bakke, J. Holocene Climate Change Reconstructed from Proglacial Gjoavatnet, Amsterdamoya, Svalbard (under review, Quaternary Science Reviews)

Rainsley, E. Turney, C., Golledge, N., Wilmhurst, J., McGlone, M., Hogg, A., omas, Z., Flett, V., Palmer, J., Richard, T., de Wet, G., Hutchinson, D., Lipson, M., Fenwick, P., Hines, B., Binetti, U., Fogwill, C. Limited Glaciation of New Zealand subantarctic islands during the Last Glacial Maximum. (under review, Quaternary Research)

In Preparation

de Wet, G., Davin, S., Giguere, S., Seaman, S., Dyer, D., Bradley, R. Confirmation of the use of FTIR spectroscopy to determine biogenic silica and organic matter content of Arctic lake sediments: A powerful tool for high-resolution paleoclimate reconstructions (In prep).

de Wet, G., Barasso, T., Bradley, R., Castañeda, I. A novel human occupancy and paleoclimate reconstruction from Eriksvatnet, SW Greenland (In prep.)

de Wet, G., Castañeda, I., Balascio, N., D’Andrea, W., Bradley, R. Evidence for early human occupation of the Faroe Islands from lacustrine biomarkers (In prep).