Cirque Mechanics

The creators of Birdhouse Factory transport you to the 1865 mining town of Rosebud, where an unlikely discovery sets off a series of hilarious and unexpected events full of the lore, excitement, and adventure of the Old West! Cirque Mechanics is an extraordinary troupe of Cirque du Soleil, Pickle Family Circus, and Moscow Circus veterans who transform the mundane into the magnificent.

A New York Times reader characterizes this troupe in superlative terms: ” Without a word these artists tell an inspiring story of change and new possibilities, showcasing their remarkable talents in a family-friendly, impressive, and awesome show featuring acrobatics, dance, balancing, juggling, ropes, trapeze, and other phenomenal skills.” More Information

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  1. Though I enjoyed the acrobatics when they happened, I felt the pace of the show was
    very slow and rather lackluster. The liveliest part was the trampoline event and I
    thought the most impressive acrobatics were some of the actions on the poles.

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole show and found different parts to be quite amusing.
    While I thought the men were quite good with there performances and skills, the women impressed me most, especially with their aerial work and comedic performances. There was aboslutely nothing lackluster about the performance.

  3. Sure, the pace varied, but given the small cast, they sure accomplished quite a bit of impressive work on the stage. My favorite part of the evening however was my son’s response the the close of the first act: “Mommy, that man made a BIG boom that is NOT OK!”

  4. My staff reports that the event was thoroughly enjoyed by the individuals that attended. One of the young ladies shared that she loved everything! It was funny and I had a great time.

  5. I think last year’s performance with more of an ensemble feel and more Rube Goldberg kind of contraptions was more engaging, but I still loved last night. I have never seen pointe shoes balancing quite like that young woman managed, with grace and strength. I did particularly appreciate the women’s physical prowess. And the woman behind the screen… very funny.

  6. Overall the show was pretty good, alth0ugh it perhaps lacked a certain “Wow” factor — except for the guy on rolling on the whiskey bottles who was very impressive. For folks who have seen the Cirque du Soleil, maybe it is difficult to be too impressed, but I’d give it a 7 out of 10.

  7. The acrobatics were amazing and the woman ruled in terms of excitment and balance and strength! A perfect show for the young and older audiences. Very entertaining.

  8. While not the wow of Cirque du Soleil it was still very nice and pushed the boundary of what I’d expect from a traveling show that has limited time an space to set up its stage craft. I had a smile most all evening but thought the trampoline act was particularly good and the finale with the wheeled contraption was terrific.

  9. What was most astounding about the show was the interplay between the movements of the human body and those of the inventive machines created for the show. Who knew cogs and wheels and pulleys could be so beautiful!

  10. My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the performance. Personally, I loved the juggling devil sticks portion of the act. My husband loved the trampoline antics toward the end of the show. Bravo to all!!

  11. I was with a bunch of students who are learning various circus disciplines themselves, and they found the show inspiring. We all loved the mix of skill and theatre, the overblown characters, and the neat choreography and music composition. The rigging was extraordinarily inventive, but being so innovative means that the skills and technique will become smoother and more advanced the longer the artists have to develop them on the new equipment. The trapeze/crane act was my favorite solo, and the trampoline act was fantastic and energetic. I also loved the grace and innuendo in the doubles chandelier act.

  12. I very much enjoyed the show. It may have been a little less antic than Birdhouse Factory, which I saw last year, but the troupe’s physical strength and grace kept me captivated. The women were especially good; I was amazed by the hand-balancer and the aerialists. Kudos to the composer and technical crew (rigger, costume and lighting designers) as well.

  13. The trampoline scene was our favorite. Not the most impressive acrobatic show around but it had its moments. The filler in between the circus set pieces was weak. But the troupe gave it their all.

  14. I’m sorry to say my wife and I were very disappointed in the show. It was much too slow for us. We must have been expecting something different. We’ve been to other shows there that we enjoyed. We actually left during the intermission.

  15. Hi I was just wondering did this show already happen at Umass and if so is there. Another one coming up? how do you find tickets

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