Hugh Masekela

Legendary South African Trumpeter Hugh Masekela is an innovator in the world music and jazz scene and is an active performer, composer, producer and a defining force in the struggle for human rights in both Africa and around the world. If you are a child of the 60s, surely you remember his hit “Grazing in the Grass.”

“Hugh Masekela is a musician with a real soul. He has a genuine warm, charismatic, and simple way of building special relationships, both with his fellow musicians and with an audience” (London Jazz).

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  1. My soul is satisfied, sated, and I thank you soooooooo much Mr. Masekela! I love UMass and all the cultural events it has afforded me in the last 25 years. Bowker rocks!

  2. I have never seen the audience so involved in a concert at Umass; everybody was dancing, singing and enjoying the amazing performance. Hugh Masekela is truly inspiring.

  3. Kudos to the FAC for bringing them in. I’ve never heard Hugh M live. Although I knew he would be good, I did not know that I would be blown away by the music and the energy. He is an exceptional musician, performer and human being. I tried explaining to a colleague what a moving experience it was, and words did not do it justice.

  4. The whole evening was a work of art, by a great A-R-T-I-S-T. Wow, are we fortunate to have him on the planet right now! Thank you UMASS for making the evening possible.

  5. The music of Hugh Masekela took me back to my childhood listening to his music. My brother worked at an alternative radio station and introduced me to the political work of Masekela, Bob Marley and so many others. I sang along last night with my daughters who I used to put to bed listening to various cds which of course included Hugh Masekela. A wonderful wonderful night.

  6. Keep them coming…..there are a number of events that have blown my mind as a music student at Umass, the National Philharmonic of Russia, Zakir Hussein and yesterday’s Hugh Masekela concert….very thankful to Umass for these events and the inspiration they provide!

  7. missed his show when he came to Uganda and this was the perfect opportunity to watch him live.The show was awesome,many thanks to the Umass FAC!!

  8. The show was AWESOME in many respects, in addition to Masekala’s talents and energy, I was in AWE of his young band – bodes well for the future!

  9. It was a terrific show. I took my 10 year old daughter, and she was laughing and clapping along. Hugh Masekela is an adorable sweet man and his music is infectious. I feel incredibly lucky to have the kind of programming The Fines Arts Center offers right here in my backyard. Thank You!

  10. One of the BEST concerts I have EVER attended- Bowker Aud. was fantastic and I have not stopped raving about the show to my friends- Mr. Masakela and his band are unbelievable- I was truly amazed at the energy and good feelings he produced. Thank you!!

  11. had seen him perform a few times in the 80’s@sob’s in NYC. he was fantastic then as he continues to be

  12. It was a more sedate than when I saw him in Swaziland two years ago, but that was at a festival where he concentrated more on moving the audience and less on demanding we react. The first half had a little too much jazz lite for my taste, but by “Stimela” he had it going on. Great percussion section, and the keyboardist stepped it up at the end after not showing much earlier. A fine concert, and a rare opportunity to see a master. Thanks, UMass

  13. One of the best concerts at Bowker ever! Hugh Masekela was a master in his performance and the performance of his group in every way – the emotion, the sound, the improvisational opportunities, the energy. By the end of the evening everyone, including the musicians, was having a great time.

  14. One of the best concerts I’ve ever attended at UMass – a mix of spectacular music, talented musicians, spontaneity, and beauty. I am so glad I was there! Thank you all who made it possible.

  15. I have played my favorite albums of Hugh Masakela for many years, but this was the first time I saw and heard him live. Powerful, uplifting, and spirited. Man, can he move and move the audience. His musicians were tops. I was glad the house was full, and I was thrilled to share this with all. Thanks FAC,

  16. Always a pleasure listening and watching Hugh on the Horn. His band demonstates that the talent pool for Jazz continues to be a great export!

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