Red Baraat

Led by the omnivorous drummer Sunny Jain, Red Baraat is a fun, infectious Brooklyn-based band that deftly blends North Indian bhangra rhythms, rowdy brass-band energy, and konokol singing to create an explosive sound that’s “fun as hell” (Chicago Reader).The music is grounded by heavy-duty sousaphone basslines, abundant percussion, and potent free improvising from trombone, saxophones, trumpet and bass trumpet.

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10 Replies to “Red Baraat”

  1. This was such an amazing concert! Having moved to the Valley recently from Brooklyn, it was such a pleasure to see one of my favorite bands play. Please bring them back and lots more music like this!!!

  2. What a fantastic show. Everyone was dancing as it was almost impossible to sit in your seat when the music was playing. I would LOVE to see them again!

  3. This concert was a lot of fun! After the first song, the entire crowd was on their feet dancing for the rest of the show- all ages and backgrounds. The band seemed to be having a lot of fun as well. I would definitely love to see more bands like this come through the area- including a repeat performance from this group anytime!

  4. This was the first time I heard or saw Red Baraat – but they are fantastic and amazing! What an exceptional group! I look forward to seeing them again and others like it.

  5. I saw them at Mass MOCA at the end of January and they were great, so when I found out they were coming to UMass, I was thrilled and bought tickets immediately. They put on a fantastic show. I hope they return to UMass soon.

  6. Red Baraat was wonderful. We had a great time, ages 45 to 90 — dancing in the aisles. Hope they return. If they do, I will recruit all my friends to come.

  7. These guys are wonderful. We were dancing in the aisles. Hope they return, and I will bring all my friends.

  8. Amazing concert! The energy they have is infectious. I would jump at the chance to see Red Baraat again!

  9. It was a great show! I missed them at the Montreal Jazz Festival last year and so was thrilled when I saw they were going to be coming to Amherst. Thank you to the band and to FAC for bringing them here.

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