Saturday, March 1, 8 p.m., Fine Arts Center Concert Hall, Chamber Seating
$30, 25, 15; Five College/GCC/STCC Students and Youth 17 & under: $10

His concerts have been called magical. As a sarod virtuoso he is a superstar in India, revered for his expressive, vocalized playing. In his hands, the sarod’s 25 strings produce a rich palette of overtones mimicking the complex tone colors and expressive range of the human voice. His two sons on tablas will add to spellbinding the audience with their musical prowess.

Amjad Ali Khan Ensemble


Artist’s website
Twitter: @AAKSar

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8 Responses to AMJAD ALI KHAN with Amaan Ali Khan & Ayaan Ali Khan: THREE SARODS AND TWO TABLAS

  1. Pretty! This was a really wonderful post. Thanks for supplying this info.

  2. SueMc says:

    Loved the interplay between Amjad and his sons Ayaan and Amaan!

  3. Anna Liakas says:

    An unbelievable performance! Transporting! Delightful! Profound! I am honored to have been a receiver of such amazing music..I am a life long devotee!
    Thank you for bringing this music and opening up the world! Encore!

  4. janak dhhabuwala says:

    This was the excellent shows,rare opportunity in a life time to see such wonderful performance

  5. Malini Sinha says:

    Brilliant performance! Very well planned, and segmented. Wonderful to see the great rapport between the performers.

  6. Liz says:

    Why must every concert presented by the Asian Arts & Culture at FAC be so loud? Other FAC events are not. So much of the subtlety of the music was lost in the very poorly mixed amplification. I will have to think twice and again a third time before attending anymore programs from the Asian Culture. Too bad, because I am a fan and FAC is about the only place to hear and see Asian performance.

  7. anne burton says:

    A rich and engaging energetic performance. I was transported. The musical conversations between the Tablas and the Sarods were a joy to hear ( and see). The best of our Jazz tries to attain that degree of musical conversation and play. Thank you for bringing us the best. We do know the difference.

  8. Abhay James says:

    I’m very lucky that I was able to witness that magical, mesmerizing and enchanting performance. Thank you.

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