Saturday, April 27, 8PM, Concert Hall
Winner! Best Musical Revival 2009 Tony Award!

This exuberant musical about a group of young Americans searching for peace and love in a turbulent time has struck a resonant chord with audiences young and old. Hair features an extraordinary cast and unforgettable songs, including “Aquarius,” “Let the Sun Shine In,” “Good Morning, Starshine” and “Easy To Be Hard.” Its relevance is undeniable. Its energy is unbridled. Its truth is unwavering. It’s Hair, and it’s time. “Irresistible. The best version yet!” – Peter Marks, The Washington Post. “If this explosive production doesn’t stir something in you, it may be time to check your pulse.” – Variety
Advisory: contains brief nudity and mature subject matter.) 

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$60, $50, $25
; FC, GCC, STCC and 17 & under $20

3 Replies to “Hair”

  1. A great ending to a great year. From the powerful, fabulous performances of the cast to the dance party afterwards… this was the FAC event of the year. The cast did a terrific job of interacting with the audience given the constraints of the design of the FAC (i.e., the concrete barriers). Congratulations to the FAC for providing a great year of entertainment!

  2. I’d never seen Hair before and found myself totally transfixed and surprisingly emotional. I was 22 in 1967; it was like reliving my youth. Thank you for this wonderful offering!

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